Transparent, Equal Opportunities, and Best Executions

Discovery FX provides transparent conditions and equal opportunities to all of our clients depending on each trader’s demand. Our tighter spreads will be continuously in front of you regardless of transaction size or your strategy. Your order will be always executed in good faith because the quality of execution is the most important aim for Discovery FX. So, our prices are all executable but not reference.

Fixed Spread or Floating Spread?

As the inter-bank market is, Discovery FX’s spreads are floating basis. But what do the fixed spreads mean for you? If your broker’s spreads are fixed basis, it should be considered as much expensive than its floating basis and you are paying an insurance premium. Many FX/CFD brokers may be offering fixed spreads and are restricting conditions before and after announcements of major economic figures or political decisions. That says you paid an insurance premium for nothing. It doesn’t apply to our clients because Discovery FX will not place any restrictions on conditions at that time.