The world’s most versatile trading tool.

Discovery-FX has chosen Meta Trader 4(MT4),the world’s most versatile trading tool, as a transaction tool to connect directly to the STP/ECN market.

The Meta Trader 4(MT4)is not only a platform with a lot of users, but it is also in the place of publishing development sources to traders and developers around the world.

The trader is using algorithm from developer,strategic,intuitive trade can be realized.
And When fused to MetaTrader 4(MT4)has potential performance and Discovery-FX’s infrastructure,the trader will be able to taste the real pleasure of currency trading in the most ideal environment.

Advantage of MetaTrader4(MT4).

  • Unlimited of expert advisor using.
    Any strategy is available regardless of third party. propritary development.
  • Excellent order execution ability(about 99.84% execution rate)Direct access to the interbank market(STP),ECN network.
  • You don’t need to supplement and additional payment,be able to hold both positions.
  • Credit bonus system installed.You can distinguish and manage bonuses and actual deposits.
  • It able to order with one click,we have a board display function that can confirm the order of the market.
  • In addition to basic charts such as bar charts,candles and line charts, we have more than 50 technical index display functions such as moving average,RSI and Bollinger band.