Transfer funds between accounts

Smart Phone version

Transfer funds between accounts

This is an explanation for transferring funds between accounts in Discovery FX.

1. The page for transferring funds between accounts

After logging in, select "TRANSFERS" from the menu at the top of the page.

Select "Internal Transfer" on the right menu.

2. Request funds transfer between accounts

Select the accounts of Discovery FX for "From Account" and "To Account"
Tap "Calculate Rate" and display the exchange rate (valid for 30 seconds) if transfering different currency between the accounts. In the meantime, check the box on the left to "Accept this exchange rate and continue " and tap "Submit".
You will receive a confirmation email (title: Transfer funds between accounts-approved).


・The currency (eg: JPY) is displayed after the “Amount” input field (after selecting “From Account”)
・Tap "Calculate Rate" and the exchange rate will be displayed. Valid time is 30 seconds. If the time has passed, tap it again.
・Effective time is displayed on the right side of “Calculate Rate” and counts down for 30s.
・If the "From Account" and the "To Account" are in the same currency, the exchange rate calculation is not necessary, so "Calculate Rate"button is invalid.

3. Confirmation of the transferral

After you receive the confirmation email from Step 2 (Title: Transfer funds between accounts-Approved), you will be able to see your recent activity on your dashboard, your account, transfer transaction history, etc.


・The transfer of funds between Discovery FX accounts is approved automatically. You will receive a confirmation email and it will be reflected if there is no problem with the contents of the transferral.