How to download and login to MT4 (iPhone application)

Smart Phone version

How to download and login to MT4 (iPhone application)

1. Download from the Apple Store

Click the link and install from the Apple Store.

2. Open MetaTrader 4 (iPhone application)

MetaTrader 4, icon

Click on the installed MetaTrader 4 (iPhone application).

3. Settings

Click "Settings" in the lower right corner → click "Account Information".

Click the "+" in the upper right corner.

Click "Sign in to an existing account".

4. Login

Search Discovery and select the "Discovery Forex-Server" (not the virtual server) associated with your account.

Enter your Discovery account to login.


・ Account login details can be found in the email (Title: MetaTrader 4 Account Details) sent to clients after account opening and approval in the Customer Support Center.
・ If you do not receive the "MetaTrader 4 Account Details" email, please contact us through the Customer Support Center.