Discovery FX Documents (Individual)

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Discovery FX Documents (Individual)

Withdrawals from Discovery FX accounts require the submission and approval of identification documents.
The documents are described below.

1. Address Proof

lease submit a document (within 3 months from the date of issue) showing the current address of the account holder (individual).

Address Proof Remark
Utility bill / receipt Electricity, City Gas, Water
Social insurance receipts
National tax, local tax receipt or tax payment certificate
Health insurance cards National health insurance / Health insurance (both sides if name and address are listed on the front and back), crew insurance, nursing care insurance, medical insurance for seniors
Usage statements and invoices of banks and credit card companies
Copy of resident's card Issued date within 3 months is printed and personal number <My Number> is not displayed
Sealing stamp registration certificate

・Accept the address with the current address only.
・The name must be the same as the applicant.
・The date of issue within three months must be printed at the time of submission.
・Accept printing letter or documents only.
・Please send the documents in digital format (GIF, JPG, TIF, PDF, etc.), by scanning or shooting.

2. Identity Proof Documents

Please submit a document (with the name and date of birth) of the applicant (individual).

Identity Proof Documents Remark
Driver's license or driving history document Please submit the front and back
Passport Please submit the page with your picture
Resident card with photo Please submit the front and back
Resident card Within the expiration date. Please submit the front and back
Special Permanent Resident Certificates Within the expiration date. Please submit the front and back
Personal number (My Number) card Please submit the front and back

・Only documents issued by government agencies that can confirm the name, date of birth and address are accepted.
・Expired ID cards cannot be used as identity proof.
・Please send the documents in digital format (GIF, JPG, TIF, PDF, etc.), by scanning or shooting.

3. Identity proof document selfie

Please upload a picture of yourself while holding the documents submitted in step 2 in your right hand.

  • Example of unclear and unclear content:
    • Documents protrude from the image. The whole must be reflected.
    • Blurry. Please focus on the document.
    • Your face and the document are not in the picture.
  • Examples of items whose identity cannot be confirmed:
    • Your face does not show clearly in the picture.

* Recently, malicious forging and use illegal credit cards cases have been found. For safety reasons, we strictly verify customer identity and report to the local judiciary department if we found any suspicious transactions or forged documents or unauthorized credit card use.

Your personal information is encrypted using SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption technology and we also ensure the security of our communication path. We will strive at all times to ensure that your personal data will be protected against unauthorised use or accidental access, processing or erasure. We will take necessary measures to keep the data safe.