How to display charts in MetaTrader4

PC version

How to display charts in MetaTrader4

This is a way to display a chart when Meta Trader 4 shows the chart "Waiting for update".
This can happen when you log into MetaTrader4 for the first time.

1. Confirm/Close MetaTrader4 Chart

Check the chart screen after logging into MetaTrader4.
If the charts show ""Waiting for update", close all ""Waiting for update" charts (use the close button in the upper right corner of each chart).


・The "Waiting for update" message does not disappear automatically, so please close any charts that display "Waiting for update".

2. Display the chart from the Market Watch bar

Drag the desired currency pair to the right in the Market Watch column to display the chart.


・If the market quote column is not displayed, please select "View" » "Market Watch" from the top menu.

・If the target currency pair is not in the Market Watch column, please right-click in the "Market Watch" column and select "Show All".

・Multiple charts can be displayed by repeatedly dragging currency pairs with the mouse.
・If you want to display multiple graphs and arrange them, select "Window" » "Tile Windows" from the top menu.