How to install and log in MetaTrader4

PC version

How to install and log in MetaTrader4

To install MetaTrader4, you should have received an e-mail (title: Trading Account Login Information) after approval of the customer support center after opening an account. All approvals will be handled during business hours.

1. Confirm MY ACCOUNTS

After logging in, select MY ACCOUNTS" from the menu at the top of the page.


・The Trading Account of the account currency selected at the time of opening the account is displayed in the Accounts List.

2. Select Account

Click on the account you want to trade.

3. Download MetaTrader4

Click the download in "MetaTrader4" of "Account Platform" to download the file.

4. Install MetaTrader4

Click the downloaded file and install it in your environment.
When the installation is completed, the “Done” button will be activated, so click it to finish the installation.


・The location of the downloaded file differs depending on your environment and browser settings.

5. Check the operation of MetaTrader4 (login)

MetaTrader4 starts when installation is completed.
In "Select a trading server", select "DiscoveryForex-Server" (not a demo server).
Enter “Login” and “Password” from the email notification (title: trading account login information) in “Existing Account”, click “Finish”, and check if MetaTrader4 works.


・Your account for MetaTrader4 is created at the Customer Support Center and notified by e-mail (Title: Trading account login information), so select "Existing account".