Confirm account information

PC version

Confirm account information

You can check the wallet account corresponding to the "account currency" set at the time of registration, you may add new currency account as well.


After logging in, select "MY ACCOUNTS" from the menu at the top of the page.
A list of wallet accounts will be displayed.

2. View details of each Trading Account

Click the account number (example: JPY-001-0000001) in the Account column of the list.


・Initial state is only one item, if you multiple accounts, all accounts will be displayed.

3. Check Trading Account details

You can check your Trading Account details.


・To return to the Trading Accounts list, click the "MY ACCOUNTS" menu again to display the account list.

In addition, the following functions can be performed from this page.
Please use as needed.
・Change of Account Name
・Change of Leverage
・Download Quick Reports
・Download MetaTrader4