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Which is the Best for You?

While the Standard Account is offering tighter spreads without fee, the Nano Spread Account provides you even tighter spreads with a small fee. Which account will suit your trading strategy and circumstances?

Standard Account

The standard account is Discovery FX’s main product which offers competitive spreads without transaction fee. The minimum tradable unit is typically 0.01 lot and the minimum initial deposit is only 200.00 US dollars or JPY20,000. The Standard Account is very good for both entrant traders and experienced traders.

Competitive Spreads
No Transaction Fee
Minimum Deposit $200
Minimum Tradable 0.01 Lot

Nano Spread Account

The Nano Spread Account is Discovery FX’s high-end product, which offers even tighter spreads such as the ECN. The Nano Spreads represent nearly zero spreads with no intermediary costs, the instead transparent transaction fee is charged at 3.00 US Dollar per lot.

Nearly Zero Spreads
Transaction Fee $3.00 per lot
Minimum Deposit $200
Minimum Tradable 0.01 Lot

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